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Red Fish / Spot Tailed Bass Iron Fish Sculpture

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Red Fish / Spot Tailed Bass Iron Fish SculptureCoastal Art

This Iron Fish Gallery permanent coastal decor piece is a well known fish to anglers from the Atlantic coast to the Gulf Coast.  These fish are absolutely beautiful and are known for their red tint which is why they have gained the recent nickname “red fish”.  Most old timers around the SC coast know them as spot tailed bass(notice the spot down by their tail) or red drum but the more popular term for them from an anglers perspective is “red fish“.  Either way, with the classic vintage finish found on all Iron Fish sculptures, this particular piece of coastal art works well for any interior who needs that orange/red pop off of the walls or for any angler who would like a reminder of his favorite catch.  These hand forged red fish sculptures are easy to hang and fun to look at.

red fish art

red fish art

The Iron Fish-Coastal Decor at it’s finest!