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Explore Daufuskie Island, For The First Time

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Explore Daufuskie Island, For The First Time


Ok, you love Daufuskie right?  You have bravely explored all the dirt roads, walked the beaches, met the locals, eaten at Marshside Mama’s, visited Silver Dew Pottery & The Iron Fish Gallery, etc. and you know this place like the back of your hand right?  I don’t think so!

If you have not explored the waters edge of Daufuskie Island by kayak or standup paddle board (SUP), I would have to say that you have only scratched the surface of getting to know this amazing place.  Introducing Tour Daufuskie, LLC, Daufuskie Islands newest business who specializes in quality guided history, kayak & standup paddle boarding adventures for all ages & experience levels.

There is nothing more surreal or relaxing then paddling only inches from the aquatic life that swims the shores of Daufuskie Island.  Tour Daufuskie’s lead guide Bradley Hoover is a long time outdoorsman who has a passion for Daufuskie’s salt marshes & rivers and he is a wealth of knowledge on the naturalist side of life too.  Whether your vacationing in Haig Point, Bloody Point, Melrose, or the historic district, TD offers paddling tours on the beach or in the salt creeks & marshes.

With strong tides and the uncertain coastal weather, a guided tour is always recommended as TD is seasoned at planning a safe and enjoyable paddle trip for your group.  Not that the rivers here are considered “white water” by any means but FYI, Bradley is certified in swift water rescue, adult/child CPR, as well as AED & airway, through the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).   Of course, Tour Daufuskie also offers kayak & paddle board rentals for the experienced paddler aka “risk takers”. 

So the question remains, would you like to become more intimate with one of the most beautiful and untouched natural treasures on the east coast if not the entire world?  If the answer is yes, call Bradley Hoover at 843-842-9449 to schedule your trip today.  If you think you love Daufuskie Island now, wait till you explore it from the waters edge!  It will be like meeting this amazing place for the first time all over again.  I have no doubt your paddle trip will be one of the highlights of your vacation.

Get outdoors!

Chase Allen

tour daufuskie island logo

guided group kayaking tour on Daufuskie Island

7ft Handcrafted Mermaid Art/Sculpture Fills A Very Big Wall

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

7ft Handcrafted Mermaid Art/Sculpture Fills A Very Big Wall

At this beautiful coastal home  that faces the Intracoastal Waterway and is only 1 nautical mile from Harbor Town of Hilton Head, Heidi and Pete Woods have used this large 7ft tall handcrafted mermaid art/sculpture to set off the perfect coastal decor theme for their beautiful beach house in Haig Point.  In fact, this large wall makes this mermaid sculpture look much smaller than it is.  However, it is no secret that vaulted ceilings can play tricks on your eyes. Ask any interior designer….they’ll tell you.

With all of the natural light in this room, a sunset view of this mermaid art/sculpture is even more stunning(photo requested:-))  Nevertheless, we have to settle for this morning photo which of course works just fine.  Many thanks to the Woods family for opening up their home to an informal photo shoot.  Job well done decorating your beach house with this handcrafted mermaid sculpture. She really sets the tone in this coastal room!

mermaid art

mermaid art

The Iron Fish GalleryCoastal decor at it’s finest!