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Daufuskie Island Barging

Thursday, May 26th, 2011


The barge operation has been in continuous operations since the mid 1980’s. The current core team has been operational since 1993. During this time, the company has built a reputation for providing customers a diverse slate of marine transportation services that have been both innovative and cost effective all the while continuing an unblemished safety record.

Island Barging Company represents the best in people, equipment and customers. We believe that tug service can be environmentally friendly, dependable and safe every time. We recognize that working on the water requires skillful judgment and leadership from management to the wheelhouse and right on down to deck operations.

Our experienced team includes Captains with  Coastguard experience and offshore gulf experience on oil drilling platform transportation needs. Each of the captains have at least thirty one years of marine experience.  Since the mid 1980’s the operation has been based and operated in the high traffic (container ships) Savannah River.

We are a culture grounded in safe and compliant barge operations and damage free on time performance. We pursue new technology, continued education, excellent maintenance procedures, and process improvements to enhance and improve our operation.

We welcome visitors to our operation in Savannah at their convenience to have a tour of our facility and see first hand the barge, tug and backup operating equipment we have to provide superior customer service. Should you desire a tour simply call our office at 912-232-1836 and ask for Doug Broome.

Advantages to Using Hutchinson Island Terminal
Large walled barge and tug with sizable ramp (40 feet) for transportation needs in an island setting

Potentially wide geographical area for customers (Jacksonville to Charleston)  Extensive supporting land based equipment to facilitate customer needs.

Long history of superior safety record dating from the mid 1980’s

Current seasoned personnel in place since 1993.

Large 3 acre staging area in Savannah (lighted and fenced) and on Daufuskie Island.

Specially designed barge to carry up to 900 tons of bulk cargo (sand, gravel, rock, etc) and have transported twelve fully loaded asphalt trucks per trip.