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Children’s Coastal Bathroom

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012


Children’s Coastal Bathroom


Iron Fish Art is a great way to decorate your coastal themed room.  Check out this coastal decorated children’s bathroom:


Children's coastal bathroom


The rustic finish and vintage quality you see on this Iron Fish sculpture are hallmarks that coastal artist Chase Allen‘s work is famous for.




 Check out his Spring/Summer 2012 Current Collection by clicking here.


Iron Fish Art makes a great gift, and comes in our Special Packaging!




Also, don’t forget to check out Chase’s Re-Invented Night Light line, coastal lighting taken to a whole new level!


A completely different work of art during the day and at night, check it out below first during the day:


Nautical Decor


Now here it is below at night.  Notice the 100-200 individual cuts and how the light pours through them to create a natural glow.


Nautical Decoration


This coastal decoration is 50″ x 32″ and is priced at $1,695.00.


To find out about availability call us at 843.842.9448 or contact us here.



Ocracoke Island Iron Fish Art – Coastal Decor

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Ocracoke Island Iron Fish Art – Coastal Decor


  Introducing “Ocracoke Island”, one of coastal artist Chase Allen’s new spring/summer 2012 Iron Fish collection.  Ocracoke Island is located off the coast of North Carolina, and the coastal landscape is epitomized in the rustic finish seen here on “Ocracoke Island Iron Fish”.

Coastal Decoration


Ocracoke Island is famous for it’s ties to Blackbeard the pirate.  If you are interested in visiting, click here, for a great list of things to do, from Ocracoke Island Cottages.  There is a lot of great info on the site including this list of tips for the amateur photographer on your trip to Ocracoke Island.

Ocracoke Island from



ocracoke island from

For a brief history on Ocracoke Island, click here to check out this great resource from the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce.

Purchased as the perfect beach house decoration, these hand made coastal sculptures hang easily on any wall inside your favorite friend’s beach house or beach cottage.  Iron Fish art is the perfect addition to your coastal themed room.

three small iron fish sculptures schooling

three small iron fish sculptures schooling


The vintage finish that you see on “Ocracoke Island Iron Fish” is a hallmark that metal sculptor Chase Allen’s work is famous for.  Visit the “current collection” to purchase this sculpture found at


Also, don’t forget to check out Chase’s new ‘Re-Invented Nightlight Line’ …coastal sconce lighting taken to a whole new level!  By day a beautiful coastal decoration, and by night a whole new work of art that fills your house with a warm natural glow.

Coastal Decoration