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Painted Floors in Coastal Decor

Monday, April 25th, 2011

coastal decor painted floors

coastal decor painted floors

coastal decor painted floors

coastal decor painted floors

coastal decor painted floors

coastal decor painted floors

There’s nothing like a painted floor to bring a relaxed beachy feel into any coastal decor. Classic white floors are very in vogue at the moment, but don’t feel limited to white. Try a nice pop of color or create a pattern using tape or a stencil. The design possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!

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I love lobster art, too!

Monday, April 25th, 2011

lobster art

Thank you to Completely Coastal for the Love Lobster Art post that features our lobster sculpture!

If you’ve recently included Iron Fish Art in a feature, please let us know; we’d love to check it out!

Mothers Day is Around the Corner—Memorial Day Too!!!

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Hello Iron Fish customers and collectors.  I wanted to post a reminder about a rapidly approaching Mothers Day which is on May 8th as well as Memorial Day which is on May 30th.  Why would an artist take time out to remind everyone about that you ask?

Well, these are two dates always bring in lots of gift orders.  Many mothers obviously appreciate coastal sculptures as gifts and apparently friends who invite friends to their beach or lake house for Memorial day get lots of gifts (from those who want to be invited back of course).  Either way, hopefully everyone now knows that I am offering Iron Fish gift certificates available on the website(

mothers day gift, coastal decor gift, memorial day beach house gift

Mothers Day Gift Reminder + Memorial Day Gift Reminder and Idea

These gift certificates are the answer for those of you needing a gift and are either clueless of the recipients coastal decor preference, color palate or those whom are lacking the time it takes to investigate that perfect gift.

Also remember that starting this year, the gift wrapping on all of my coastal sculptures is complimentary and the presentation is as good as it has ever been so if you do pick out a sculpture, you no longer have to worry about wrapping it.  Check out to see for yourself.

Hope that this post serves as a reminder as well a gift searching solution.  I may be biased, but isn’t a hand crafted piece of art an awesome way to remind people that they are appreciated???

best wishes to all,

Chase Allen

Vintage Coastal Lobster Sculpture Decor-Insight on the Artists Palate

Thursday, April 14th, 2011
vintage lobster sculpture, vintage signs, vintage coral light fixture

vintage coastal decor

Vintage Lobster Sculpture Decor

Well, this title almost sums up how I describe my coastal sculptures.  Actually, I usually answer when asked that I “specialize in forging vintage finished coastal sculptures out of sheet metal” so not to be misleading and of course to not so much beat around the bush.

I thought that I would simply mention that most beach house decorations that hit home with my coastal decor palate are the ones that have “vintage” accents(so long as they are not obviously mass produced of course).  Bring on the cracked paint that sat in the sun for 20 + years.  Bring on the faded wood that looks like the paint is now more of a lightened stain.  Check out that mural on the side of the old brick building.  I also find examples of this vintage effect on old lobster and crab trap bouys, on old wooden boats, and even on old pieces of painted furniture.  No one can top mother natures paint brush so don’t even try.

This “vintage effect” is the appeal I work towards when creating my nautical sculptures.  I want my customers to have a hand crafted piece of art that looks as if it could have been made 50+ years ago or as if they found the piece in an old abandoned beach house in Nantucket(no, I have no idea if such a house exists so don’t ask:-).

I have worked for 10 years to perfect this “vintage coastal finish” in all of my mermaid, fish, crab, and lobster sculptures and I owe any success that I have found to my observation of good old mother nature.  This photograph of Kim Jackson’s lobster sculpture mixed with the vintage light fixture works perfect as designed!!!