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Renowned Architect Lindsay Daniel Gives Iron Fish Tips

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010
Renowned Charlotte Architect Lindsay Daniel Gives Iron Fish Tips

Renowned Charlotte Architect Lindsay Daniel Gives Iron Fish Tips

I do not use these fish sculptures for just coastal décor.  Iron Fish Art has well crafted Objects d’art that I can use in any of my traditional or contemporary architecture (home, office, or retail establishments).  The simplicity and classic lines of Chases’ coastal sculptures creates the timelessness that each piece holds and opens their application to many interior styles and uses.

Besides the typical application as wall art, singular or in groupings, I am using them as light fixtures (backlit) in hallways and other accent lighting areas.  The love of iron work on light fixtures has endured for centuries and blends well with soft and strong color palettes as well as construction textures.  The potential is endless!

Lindsay Daniel Architecture, Inc., Charlotte, NC

2010 On Daufuskie: Ask Questions Before You Object

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010
rustic vintage gems as coastal decor

rustic vintage gems as coastal decor

In this brief blog, I would like to simply cast the following message, as a simple attempt to try and save time and spare anguish for so many fellow islanders:

Ask questions and do your own research before you get all worked up.  Now kiss and make up.

Lucy Welch-Allen Provides Coastal Decor Tips Addressing Heights to Hang Wall Art

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

mermaid and fish sculptures school

mermaid and fish sculptures school

Mermaid, Big and Small

Any stairway will be enhanced by the addition of one of the mermaid sculptures shining in all of her ‘coastal glory’.

On a traditional stairwell she could present on the wall at the very top of the stairs.

On a stairwell’s landing, the 7 ft mermaid will not only give some much needed attention to a seldom used space, but will absorb some of the vastness and height the area presents. (more…)

Creative Coastal Designs…It’s In The Blood!

Thursday, January 21st, 2010
vintage coastal sculptures and decor

vintage coastal sculptures and decor

Being a professional artist over the past years I have had many people ask many times, “how do you come up with these ideas?”.  Not wanting to go in to my long and often confusing version of my belief in a higher power, it is so simple for me to explain that I was born in to it.  Literally, art is in my blood.

My aunt, Lindsay Daniel, president and founder of Lindsay Daniel Architecture has made an incredible name for herself in the world or Architects.  Her firm in Charlotte, NC(yes the city that used to be a town) has a portfolio that would impress the most harsh of critics.  She has been an incredible influence on my work simply through my observation of her discipline.  I would say that the best lesson I have learned from her is that you never stop developing as an artist. (more…)